Nursing Home Abuse

As America ages, more of our citizens turn to nursing homes, or assisted living facilities, for the convenience of managed living quarters and health care amenities. These people and their families choose a facility and rely on that facility’s skill,competence, and reputation to provide adequate care for their loved ones. Unfortunately, nursing homes often breach the standard of care required of them, and as a result their residents suffer serious injuries, sometimes even resulting in death.

Nursing homes can take on many forms, they can be Skilled Nursing Facilities, Residential Care Facilities or Assisted Living Facilities. Federal and state regulations provide standards of care for each type of facility, and require that every member’s needs are met.

Abuse at these facilities can be severe physical injuries that cannot be explained like bruises or broken bones, bedsores, or residents who are not observed and let to wander or go missing. Other times, neglect can take on more subtle forms like rapid decline in health, catheterization soon after becoming a resident, sudden changes in appetite or behavior, and inexplicable financial requests. Other times an elderly person is financially abused by a “new friend,” or relative.

The Law Office of Joseph S. Walsh PC handles cases of serious abuse by these facilities, and can work with you or the family of a resident to hold those at fault accountable after their negligence results in injury. If you or a loved one suspect abuse by a nursing facility, report it immediately to your local ombudsman and call attorney Joe Walsh for a free consultation.


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November 1, 2017